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Royal Shakespeare Company Swan Theatre 2016-2017
Directed by Blanche McIntyre

The Two Noble Kinsmen: Productions

...played to tragicomic tonal perfection in Blanche McIntyre’s revival at the Swan, with Jamie Wilkes’s Arcite and James Corrigan’s Palamon helping each other to get ready, all fierce stares, yet plainly eking it out, and indulging in a tender farewell hug...the casting in the leads is spot-on (Wilkes and Corrigan look similar, share a robust physicality and have a matchingly puppyish air).

Dominic Cavendish - Telegraph

It's a strong cast, with Jamie Wilkes's eager Arcite and Frances McNamee's stricken Emilia especially excellent

Sunday Times

Jamie Wilkes and James Corrigan, in particular, are outstanding in the title roles. Like a kind of antiquity Ant and Dec, their sparring and banter is one of the highlights of the evening, and they are constantly inventive, credible and great fun to watch.


The Two Noble Kinsmen: Reviews

James Corrigan and Jamie Wilkes do sterling work as the knights

Financial Times

"What an intense and jaw-dropping performance! Jamie Wilkes wowed the crowd from beginning to end, and left the audience wanting more. Something tells me this is only the beginning of a brilliant career."

Hollywood Review

"Jamie Wilkes gets plenty right in their emotional and scintillating performance. With such a commanding and entertaining presence, Jamie Wilkes was absolutely perfect for this role."

Entertainment Biweekly

The Two Noble Kinsmen: Reviews
The Two Noble Kinsmen: Gallery
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